Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Broken Stowage: Percentage of unallocated space / used by the cargo because the shape / type of cargo loaded inside the compartement is different type

Understanding the missing of space:
a.The space of compartement  lost, due to lack closely manage the cargo, so the volume of cargo for X cuft, after compressed occupy more space than X cuft.

For example:
1. Total volume of cargo crate = A cuft, (before compressed)
2. Total volume of space occupied by the crate load = B cuft.
So Broken Stowage'nya = B - A x 100%
b.The missing space , which caused the cargo can no longer be compressed into the hold, because the shape of the hold space charge and making it impossible for parties to solidify the hold the ship until full.

For example:
1. Volume cargo hatch = A cuft, (before compressed)
2. Volume space occupied by the charge = B cuft.
So Broken Stowage'nya = B - A x 100%

In general can be used as a guide line , that Broken Stowage for:
1. Homogenous cargo (payload type): ± 10%
2. Heterogeneous cargo (cargo that is not a type): ± 25%

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